Hey you! Mr average! 2.4 kids, house in suburbia, nosy neighbours, naff, boring job, naff, boring little car? Er, NOT!! You my friend, as a prospective (or actual.) Mojo customer are simply not average. Why then are you riding around on that stinkin' standard spring? You bought the expensive FS bike with that spring ages ago and simply wound on or wound off preload to achieve a slightly less crap ride. You are discerning in every other aspect of your mountain biking yet you let the manufacturer of your scoot bully you into riding with the spring suited for the mythical Joe average. Jeez some manu's don't even change the spring rate across the range of frame sizes they offer??

Suspension that is designed to work for an average guy, riding non-descript terrain, at the speed the designer of the bike rides at WILL NOT SUIT YOU!


MOJO stock all Fox rear shock and forx springs and can offer you advice on setting up your spring rate to suit your weight on your bike.




It used to be that you had to be a bona fide World Championship contender to get a Ti spring onto your bike, now you can just ring us and get one! Save up to a pound and a half, go faster? what are you waiting for?!...


Titanium is by far the best material for a coiled compression spring currently available.  It has a much higher ability than even the best spring steels. Because a bicycle spring is pushing the limits of spring design by squeezing a lot of travel into a very small space and with very high spring rates, spring steels are right at the edge of their capability - wind on a few turns of preload and you can push them over the edge into coil binding situations. Titanium is capable of reaching the spring rates we need with less material and less coils, less material and less coils equal more safe travel. On top of the substantial weight reduction and performance increase with Ti - the lighter coils affect the compression-ability and the lighter frequency oscillations within the spring in use are easier for the rebound and compression to control. It's win, win, win... Save up to a pound and a half, go faster?  What are you waiting for?!...


We stock a variety of spring rates and travels available to suit both Fox Shocks and Manitou Swingers.


Call for further details.....01633 615815

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