Mojo Suspension are pleased to announce that we can now offer a Kashima shaft upgrade on DHX 3.0/4.0/5.0 and Van shocks.


The DHX RC4 was re-designed with a smaller kashima shaft for 2014, this hugely improved break-away stiction and added even more of a "buttery smooth" Kashima feel. The other upside of this change is the Kashima shafts are now the same size as the DHX 3.0/4.0/5.0 and Van R/Van RC shafts making a Kashima upgrade possible!


We are offering a DHX/VAN Full service and a Kashima shaft upgrade for £150 + £4.95 return postage


                                                            The super slippery Kashima coating was originally launched as part of the 2011 aftermarket Fox Forx line up and for 2012 the coating has also been introduced to the factory series of rear shocks.


The surface of the Kashima coating is designed to hold oil in tiny pores (9billion per square inch!!) so that the rubber of the seal never gets a chance to stick or drag on unlubricated stanchion. The result is the plushest ride yet!


We are now able to offer these Kashima coated components as upgrades to most existing Fox Forx and Shocks.                    


PRICES: Includes Full service, Any additional parts will be charged at their usual price.


Note: Kashima stanchions are not available for pre 2011 36s


Our Services and upgrades are available direct with Mojo or through your local Fox Racing Shox Dealer.


For details of sending us your fork please visit the service page here


For further details of the Kashima upgrade program and to check compatibility with your Forx or Shock, please contact us.