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Aria air shock (Trunnion eyelet)

Aria air shock (Trunnion eyelet)

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Product Information

EXT's stunning new air shock the Aria is the performance air shock as a genuine alternative to the Storia coil... Not just a cheap OE option to save manufacturers stocking coil springs!

Using a new AS3 dual air spring system to eliminate the exponential ramp up at the end of an air spring stroke and to introduce some mid-stroke support, it really does offer a friction free (just 2 dynamic seals) alternative to the steel coil. The system uses a main + air chamber and a secondary ++ ramp up chamber to set both the mid-travel support position and the bottom out ramp - when coupled with the Hydraulic bottom out control for the last few percent of the travel this air spring offers the possibility to work with a coil like linear or a more traditional air spring curve and everything in between.

supplied with high pressure pump and mounting hardware ready to install.