EXT Storias and ERAs in stock!  

All in stock! fill your boots! Yes, fill the boots but beware that all shocks are custom valved individually so we're on a few days turnaround at the moment!

We can finally start taking forward orders on the ebike shocks, We'll pop them up on the shop when we actually get them, if you want to be up at the front of the queue, please email us with what you want! These are on order now will update again as soon as we know dates!

****MORC clamps for F*x 40 in stock at both drop and flat top crown heights! Fits all years of 40 and 49er forks and reduces the offset by 8mm or 3mm depending on the installation orientation. Learn to love the handling of your DH bike again!

Sorry for the lack of info on the DFenders too... We are almost out of clamps for every design now... We only have F*x 40 clamps in stock! We are working with a new supplier for clamps so should be able to get all of those back up, er, in time for next winter! Sorry!

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EXT's V3 ARMA Shock is the more DH focused shock in the range. The main valving system is very similar to the Storia so if your bike doesn't need lock out it's also an option for a trail bike.
There is a low speed compression adjuster which uses a 4mm allen key, a high speed compression adjuster which uses a 12mm spanner and a rebound adjust.
Valved to suit bike and rider, the extra selling point of the ARMA is the adjustable HBC Hydraulic Bottom-out System. With a 4mm allen key the rider can adjust how much bottom out force is absorbed in the final portion of the shock stroke. A very effective way of getting the spring rate you desire with the bottom out resistance you need...

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Arma V3 DH shock