Easter hols! lockdown easing, sun is shining!!!!  

Sorry we've been unable to keep up with stock numbers to get the website populated!... It's been an unprecedented busy period for the bicycle industry but we are starting to catch up!

More orders are on the way from EXT so we should be able to start putting Storia and ERA back into the webstore after the hols.... Sorry for the lack of info on the DFenders too... We are almost out of clamps for every design now... We only have F*x 40 clamps in stock! We are working with a new supplier for clamps so should be able to get all of those back up, er, in time for next winter! Sorry!

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DFender mount kits

DFender mount kits

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full mount kits for the DFender guard. includes aluminium clamp, rubber adaptor, bumper rubbers, M5 nut and thumbscrew... Choose from the drop down to get the kit you need...