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E-Storia Trek Rail Fitment

E-Storia Trek Rail Fitment

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EXT's dedicated E-Bike damper! Now available for the Trek Rail and its 230x57.5 Trunnion size.

Built tough to allow the E-Bike to reach its potential... On most E-Bikes the damper is quite often made smaller to allow more space for motors and batteries! On a 'normal' damper this means running everything at the higher end of what is possible and quite often running out of leverage ratios for spring rates or air pressure or damping... With the E-Storia EXT have included all the usual Storia features and adjustments, LSC, HSC, LOK, Rebound and HBC system, but with specific E-Bike valvings and features such as the adjustable Hydraulic Bottom out Control, and integrated internal negative spring and bladder system for superb initial touch. The new V2 Super Alloy springs available (up to 800lbs on C65 springs) to cover the higher bike weights and leverage ratios... The new reservoir arrangement also creates clearance for some E Bike designs where space is tight!

By increasing the strength of the damper tube and using a steel damper shaft, EXT have made the E-Storia tough enough for the highest leverage ratios on the heaviest bikes with the strongest riders! The spring collars are also beefed up to cope with the higher spring rates needed...

Includes shock eyelet bushes, installed and ready to bolt in, includes two Super alloy springs and spare spring clip and is valved to suit bike make and model and rider details supplied.