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EV68S (inc plastic pick tool)

EV68S (inc plastic pick tool)

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Otherwise and more commonly known as 'Magic oil'! This small bottle of brilliance can be used in place of a lowers service to bring back that as new sliding feeling... Supplied in a small 100ml bottle with a tiny squeezy nozzle it is designed to be administered a few ccs at a time past the fork's dust seals. Supplied with a plastic pick which can be used to pry open the dust seal lip enough to get the nozzle past or can simply be done with a zip tie or two...

It is the same oil as used in the lowers of the ERA fork and at 100ml is enough for a full lowers service on an ERA and also lots of top ups through the dust seals. Not only for EXT forks it can bring other manufacturers forks alive by embedding the additive particles into the stanchion and bushing sliding surfaces...

EV68S Synth's custom blend of additives prolongs the useful life of the lubricant already in the fork. The feel at the handlebars of an injection of this 'Magic oil' is the same as a full lowers service and freshen up but at a fraction of the time and cost...