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EXT Forks

EXT's Era fork is available in two different versions, The V2.1 from 140 through to 170 travel and the ERA LT from 180 to 190mm travel. Both use the 3 stage HS3 spring system which comprises an inline coil spring and dual chamber (+ and ++) air spring. The coil provides the small bump sensitivity and eliminates any air spring seal stiction and the dual air system gives the customer the possibility to tune both mid-travel support and end stroke ramp separately and easily with a hi-pressure pump...

The V2.1 iteration sees EXT adding a larger negative chamber and re-configured + and ++ ratios for a smoother ride and broader adjustment range... New smoother bushing system completes the package and brings the Era into first place in the category for comfort, support, feel and grip. All V2.1 upgrades are retro-fittable to previous versions of the ERA, contact us for more info...

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