EXT Storias and ERAs in stock!  

All in stock! fill your boots! Yes, fill the boots but beware that all shocks are custom valved individually so we're on a few days turnaround at the moment!

We can finally start taking forward orders on the ebike shocks, We'll pop them up on the shop when we actually get them, if you want to be up at the front of the queue, please email us with what you want! These are on order now will update again as soon as we know dates!

****MORC clamps for F*x 40 in stock at both drop and flat top crown heights! Fits all years of 40 and 49er forks and reduces the offset by 8mm or 3mm depending on the installation orientation. Learn to love the handling of your DH bike again!

Sorry for the lack of info on the DFenders too... We are almost out of clamps for every design now... We only have F*x 40 clamps in stock! We are working with a new supplier for clamps so should be able to get all of those back up, er, in time for next winter! Sorry!

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EXT Racing Shox

Welcome to the new ERA... 

It's all in the damping...

Although EXTREME Shox are a relative newcomer to the MTB suspension arena they have gathered a loyal following for their superb rear shocks... The customer feedback and reviews read like the marketing guff of most other suspension companies. Time and again customers rave over the increased support, feel and traction of the EXT Storia and Arma no matter what the previous shock. The EXT dampers simply are that superior, every other mass market and boutique shock absorber feels second rate in a straight back to back comparison...

The truth is that the support, the feel and the traction of the rear end of the bike don't come from the patented 4 bar, multi pivot, rising rate, instant centre, floating whatever... The support comes from the simple, sprung steel, flexible shims in a well thought out shim stack on a piston large enough to flow a decent amount of oil... No Whizzy, app driven, set up devices just hard earned suspension craft, just 10,000+ hours of skill and knowledge in every shock absorber...



Imagine what it would feel like to have that increased support, feel and traction in the front end of the bike too!

It's hard to imagine, here's how Ryan Palmer from bikemag.com tried to explain...

"Picture a RockShox fork's ability to stay high in its travel, then picture the ground-hugging effects of a Fox Grip 2 fork. Got it? Now add them together and multiply both by at least a couple. Then add the off-the-top suppleness of a coil-sprung fork, and that's about how the Era feels. I think it's actually impossible to describe the feeling perfectly, sort of like how you can't show someone what 4K video looks like on a 1080p screen—you need a 4K screen to really see those details."

Here's how Mike Kazimer at pinkbike.com felt about his first rides on the new ERA forks...

"I'm usually not one to gush, but after six solid rides on the Era I'm comfortable saying that I've never ridden a fork that felt this good right out of the box. I've even switched bikes with a couple of riding partners mid-ride so they could experience what I was feeling, and in both instances the general consensus was “that's ridiculous.” 

Yes, the “air that feels like a coil” claim has been made multiple times before, but in this case EXT have come incredibly close to mimicking the ultra-sensitive, plush feel of a coil fork, with the ability to tune the end stroke ramp up to prevent harsh bottom outs."

We can't, we literally can't make up any marketing speak to beat that ;-)

EXT's design goal was to enable riders to retain a good shape as the bike moves from loaded to unloaded situations. As suspension tuners, we have in the past been reduced to screwing up the suspension feel to retain that bike shape... Now that EXT have launched the ERA, it looks like we can provide a better, more progressive geometry without screwing up the suspension!

With the addition of a second, preloaded positive air chamber, the ERA can provide a configurable wave of support at a point that suits the rider and the steepness of his or her favourite trails.

Providing support here would normally compromise the sensitivity of a fork but attention to detail and design features make it feel so... Well, back to Mike Kazimer from PinkBike...

"It's the ease that the fork initiates its travel that really stands out. Even while climbing, the part of the ride where fork performance tends to take a backseat, the Era's ability to effortlessly smooth out chunkier sections of trail is noticeable. Tip the trail the other way and the Era truly shines – square-edged hits simply disappear, all without using up too much travel."

By using a hybrid air/coil HS3 air spring system and by focussing really strongly on friction reduction in the development process EXT have done for the fork what they already did for the rear shock... Using that reduction in static and sliding friction EXT have been able to transfer some of the load from friction to damping allowing the tyre to become a more predictable part of the suspension package...

The Storia still delivers

The attention to detail in these handbuilt shocks is a pleasure to behold! I can tell you that some shock production facilities put out finished rear shocks at one every 30 seconds! Whilst this seems a stunning production achievement, it leaves no time to do the detailed work.

I have been a suspension technician for over 20 years, so I can verify that all the extra little bits of work that are possible to do for my own shock absorbers or for our World Cup racers, are already there in EXT's production shocks. I mean for goodness sake, they even have a nylon tipped grubscrew for the preload collar ;-)

EXT shocks are individually dyno-ed at two different speed settings and two different clicker settings actually on the production line before leaving the factory. You can rest assured that the tapered, progressive damping, where most of the oil flow goes through demand valves rather than adjuster valves, is exactly as EXT planned. Tapered and progressive are exactly what you need on a suspension system with negligible 'SPRUNG' mass. Digressive damping and spring systems and high flow adjuster systems may work for Indycar racing or some other motorsports applications, but a bicycle needs that progression.

Aftermarket, performance-focused shock absorbers made in the EU.

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