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EXT Racing Shox

A Full suspension system, made in Italy...

EXT's MTB Suspension components are the new performance benchmark... 

STORIA V3 - The Storia V3 offers an upgrade path over any other damper! Here at Mojo we individually valve that damper to suit the rider and the bike. The Storia V3 has become the 'go to' option for the performance focussed rider!

ERA Fork - EXT's entry into the Trail/Enduro fork arena. Truly linear and coil like spring performance from the totally unique HS3 spring system, 22mm cartridge piston and self aligning pinch bolt lowers make the ERA V2.1 the smoothest option from 140 to 170 travel and right through with the LT version Era to 180 and 190mm travel

E-Storia - EXT's e-Storia is built tough to withstand the rigours of a powered bicycles off-road life! Steel shaft, 28mm piston, uprated spring perches, adjustable HBC system and bladder system mean that the strength and performance knock the competition out of the (Bike) Park!

EXT Aria - EXT's Aria features a range of novel technologies to make this the most coil like air damper ever produced! From the dual air chamber and large negative chamber to the industry first on an air shock HBC system, here is the air shock that can offer a real performance alternative...