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EXT Racing Shox

EXT Racing Shox is a relative newcomer to the world of Mountain Biking Suspension.

In an industry dominated by mass-produced Taiwanese giants who badge their cheap OE shocks as Aftermarket and high end,
EXT are truly a breath of fresh air.

The attention to detail in these handbuilt shocks is a pleasure to behold! I can tell you that some shock production facilities put out finished rear shocks at one every 30 seconds! Whilst this seems a stunning production achievement, it leaves no time to do the detailed work.

I have been a suspension technician for over 20 years, so I can verify that all the extra little bits of work that are possible to do for my own shock absorbers or for our World Cup racers, are already there in
EXT's production shocks. I mean for goodness sake, they even have a nylon tipped grubscrew for the preload collar ;-)

EXT shocks are individually dyno-ed at two different speed settings and two different clicker settings actually on the production line before leaving the factory. You can rest assured that the tapered, progressive damping, where most of the oil flow goes through demand valves rather than adjuster valves, is exactly as EXT planned. Tapered and progressive are exactly what you need on a suspension system with negligible 'SPRUNG' mass. Digressive damping and spring systems and high flow adjuster systems may work for Indycar racing or some other motorsports applications, but a bicycle needs that progression.

Aftermarket, performance-focused shock absorbers made in the EU.