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Mojo Racing

a new branch of the Mojo tree...

In the spirit of grass-roots racing and of ragging bikes around the woods with our mates, we are excited to roll out - Mojo Racing.

Through years of racing ourselves and watching our kids grow up with bikes, we have some big ideas about MTB events.

Youth Series 
As a first step, in 2019 we will be bringing you an exciting, new youth race series focusing on enjoyment rather than emptying your wallet. We want to welcome people who are new to racing, but also offer a great collection of tracks for the seasoned competitive riders. Our overall aim will be to support the youth categories allowing them to grow as riders, compare times and develop skills through the season. Above all the emphasis will be on fun and enjoyment for everyone involved.

6-9 yrs old
This age group will have a different twist. Parents or guardians will be coming out to play too, one or both parents will ride with their little ripper on the tracks at the same time. We are all one big MTB family! 

10-17 yrs old
We will have a various sub categories within this age range. They will reflect different abilities, stature & stamina to maximise enjoyment and safety.

Geometron Bikes, EXT Suspension and Mojo Rising will attend the races offering tech support and bike setup, as well as a demo fleet to tempt the grown ups.