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Mojo Racing

Round 2 entries are open!
Quite a few eager beavers are already entered!
Come and join us for round 2 in Monmouth! More details as soon as we have them!

Round 1 done and dusted!
Thanks to everyone who's given us such a great weekend of fun and bikes!!!
It's not about the results! But if you are interested? ;-) Here they are!

The date for the Black Mountain Cycle Centre event on August 13th is correct!
The race is in the school holidays and is being held on a Tuesday! We will have the whole of the Black Mountains bike park to ourselves on that date!

Geometron Bikes and Mojo Rising will attend the races offering tech support on their products as well as EXT and Formula suspension products.
They will also be on hand to offer set-up advice and demo rides on the GeoMetron fleet can be organised to tempt the grown ups.

Mojo Racing, in partnership with SI Sport Ident