EXT Storias and ERAs in stock!  

Starting to run low on sizes again! 205s and 210s are out of stock... We have more coming in a week or two, please let us know if you need one by a certain date, we can assign shocks from future deliveries...

We valve every single shock for each single customer. We do this to make sure the tune matches the bike and rider to the maximum effect! Because of this we can't just pop a label on a box and turn it around! We currently have 4-5 days of tuning/service work on the bench so turnaround time on any shock orders online is just over a week from order to receipt! 

ERA forks in stock on the web... 160 and 170 travel... email if you need 140 or 150, we have travel spacers!

Sorry for the lack of info on the DFenders too... We are almost out of clamps for every design now... We only have F*x 40 clamps in stock! We are working with a new supplier for clamps so should be able to get all of those back up, er, in time for next winter! Sorry!

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Our Journey

When we started Mojo in 1996 it was all about the skids and wheelies and jumps, ragging bikes in the woods with mates ;-)

We never really planned for Mojo Suspension to be a massive profit making distributorship for another brand, it was more about simply not being just another cog in the machine.

Mojo was founded as a service centre and the focus was always service and performance.

Of course the distributorship became big and we did that well being F*x’s biggest overseas DI for years on end. But, we always put back in for the UK MTB community’s benefit including providing enabling sponsorship for key UK projects like Cwmcarn and BPW.

A who’s who of ex-Mojo racers and staff is a roll call of the influencers, movers and shakers in the world of MTB.

We dug into our own pockets to help riders on many occasions and there are certainly people riding bikes now that would not be if it wasn’t for that personal commitment.

In a fashion led industry full of followers we have never been scared to try something different, providing fuel for the followers or for the rumour mill and the gossips.

We have LONG, we have SLACK, we have LOW, we have reduced OFFSET, we have bigger NEGATIVE volumes, we have NEUTRAL gears and we had SKINSUITS (now it’s just Top Shop Jeggings with logos ;-)

So when F*x and Mojo’s paths began to diverge, it was natural that we followed OUR path and not someone else’s path…

Mojo Suspension finished

Mojo Rising starts

We will be re-connecting and working with partners as equals. Co-operation, no corporations.

Our goal will be (as it always has been) performance and service.

We will focus on our core competences of suspension, geometry and kinematics, we will not be selling socks, caps and Tee shirts ;-)

Now, in 2018, it’s cutties, manuals and scrubs but still ragging bikes in the woods with mates…

No hard feelings, we got too much bike stoke!