EXT Storias and ERAs in stock!  

Starting to run low on sizes again! 205s and 210s are out of stock... We have more coming in a week or two, please let us know if you need one by a certain date, we can assign shocks from future deliveries...

We valve every single shock for each single customer. We do this to make sure the tune matches the bike and rider to the maximum effect! Because of this we can't just pop a label on a box and turn it around! We currently have 4-5 days of tuning/service work on the bench so turnaround time on any shock orders online is just over a week from order to receipt! 

ERA forks in stock on the web... 160 and 170 travel... email if you need 140 or 150, we have travel spacers!

Sorry for the lack of info on the DFenders too... We are almost out of clamps for every design now... We only have F*x 40 clamps in stock! We are working with a new supplier for clamps so should be able to get all of those back up, er, in time for next winter! Sorry!

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EXT's superlight steel springs are a result of a collaboration with Motorsports Giants Honda Racing Corporation. The result is a new alloy for a steel spring which is lighter and more durable than titanium. We have tested these springs on our 'spring rate tester' and they come up within 1 or 2% every time. Very well made quality product with adaptors for RS, F*x, Ohlins, Can Creek and others...

OK, OK! So it says 378! You try getting that inch readout on the vernier to exactly 1.000 inches ;-) It's like trying to put a tenner exactly in the tank when all you have is a tenner ;-)
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