Mojo's staff hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!!  

We didn't get much chance to do any lovely foreign riding holidays last year so we are taking the opportunity to do that now in the bleak mid-winter slop!

We will be back in the office at full strength on the 14th January. In the meantime we'll be working with a skeleton staff to deal with any orders or service issues which can't wait until then.

We won't be at full strength until that 14th date so if you need to get in contact with us please use the email address rather than using the phones!

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EXT's superlight steel springs are a result of a collaboration with Motorsports Giants Honda Racing Corporation. The result is a new alloy for a steel spring which is lighter and more durable than titanium. We have tested these springs on our 'spring rate tester' and they come up within 1 or 2% every time. Very well made quality product with adaptors for RS, F*x, Ohlins, Can Creek and others...

OK, OK! So it says 378! You try getting that inch readout on the vernier to exactly 1.000 inches ;-) It's like trying to put a tenner exactly in the tank when all you have is a tenner ;-)
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