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V3 Storia

The EXT V3 Storia is the 'Enduro' shock in the EXT Family. 
The V3 version builds on and uses the same already stellar damping provided by the 29mm piston with full shim stack and the full size compression piston with shim stack... The V3 is evolution not marketing driven upgrades! We still have the high speed compression adjustment, we still have the low speed compression adjustment, we still have the rebound adjust and we still get the bike and rider specific valve codes and the ability to change these to suit individual requirements.
But as enduro and trail bikes become ever more capable trails get gnarlier and riders want to retain that supple mid stroke feel and use all of the travel whilst avoiding the harsh impact at full travel, the V3 Storia gets a new 'Hydraulic Bottom-out Control'. The HBC system introduces extra damping during the last 15% of the travel in a tapered progressive fashion. This reduces the speed of the shock shaft in a controlled manner to avoid the harsh bottom out and allow use of the full travel safely.
The addition of the HBC truly makes the Storia V3 a stunning and winning trail/enduro shock!
We don't go much on lockouts here in the UK! ;-) But if your bike doesn't like the pedalling as much as some of the better designs then you'll love the new internal architecture of the LOK system which gives a smooth, seamless transition from locked to open, 'pump track' anyone? ;-)
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